Not only a challenge, but an unforgettable experience for those who want to try an exclusive ‘world-class’ winter adventure, includes your very own ‘adrenaline picnic’. Watch the excitement on our movies.

The idea of ​​ICE DIVING was conceived by the beginning of 2000, which subsequently became a registered trademark on 18th of November 2005.

The Ice Diving brand, which is LL-Dyk's brand, was designed by my very good and close friend - Jannot Derid.  He worked as a designer and became a famous artist during his time. Some of his products have been sold on the marketplace of Bukowski. Jannot died in 2005 at the age of 72.

I have always had the idea of creating the activity of ​​ice diving and gained many years of experience as a professional diver (during the years 1973-2008). This included underwater work under ice, often in connection with the big dock and bridge building companies.
The dives were often taken directly from a custom-made dive bar which was placed on floating pontoons. This included equipment such as decompression tank, changing room, coffee room, etc. The dives took place through a floor. During winter, the pontoon barracks were frozen but dives were able to continue as usual, but under ice.

Diving for Everyone
My idea is to offer amateur divers or enthusiastic individuals a unique diving experience through metres of frozen ice in northern Sweden. Our professional dive equipment and custom-made dive container provides the complete solution for our participants.

Health & Safety
All diving is carried out under the guidance and approval of professional dive instructors who ensure the safety of our participants. However, each new diver will be required to read and sign our declaration document which means that all diving and personal health is under the responsibility of each participant.

Adventure Tourism
Ice diving offers a new exciting dimension and opportunity to those who want to experience "that little extra" during their winter vacation. This is the ultimate winter adventure tourism experience.

The Day of the Dive
The dive project will be able to accommodate 2 to a maximum of 6 people per day.  Before each dive, participants will be trained both theoretically and practically on the diving suit and how the diving will be carried out.
From the specially designed ICE-DIVING container, you will be able to descend via a sloping ladder down to the bottom, at a depth of about 4 to 6 metres. You will enter via a floor hatch accompanied by a trained diver. Subsequently, all underwater walks begin with a routed diver as well as an additional escort for extra security and safety.
The participants will be wearing a ‘constant volume suit’. This is a diving suit which includes a diving helmet, possibly with an exclusive French glass dome for maximum diving sensibility and viewing.
For an uninitiated person, the opportunity to be under metres of thick ice at about 4-5 metres deep without freezing will be an indescribable euphoric adrenaline rush. An experience beyond the ordinary!

Recording the Experience
The dive leader, who has a movie camera with audio recording features attached to his helmet, will ensure that every participant will have video footage and an exclusive diploma as a great memory of their visit. Within the container, visitors will be able to monitor the dive through the camera in real-time. Storage of the movie will require each participant to bring a USB stick for the movie to be saved onto.

Previous Ice Diving Demos
As shown in the photos during the winter of 2006, we received much interest from ice lovers of Luleå’s Municipality.  At this point in time, we had a simpler prototype of our ICE-Diving container. However, our guests appreciated our freshly cooked burgers, hot-dogs and cakes on the day!

Full Scale Project
In a future full-scale project, the dive container will be approximately 12-15 metres long with an allocated space for intensive training. This will include all aspects of dressing with the suit and how the dive shall proceed. Our dive instructors and other staff are polite and professional. And, while the dive is in progress, participants awaiting their turn, will be offered great hospitality.
Running time for this activity in normal winter conditions in Luleå is estimated at approximately 2 months – from around 10th February to 15th April.

Investment & Planning
Currently, we are seeking investors who can help us expand our Ice Diving project. We see this project starting full on from the start, for maximum impact. And so, maximum investment will be required from day one.
A budget will be prepared by LL-DYK & Konsult AB and the undersigned will be both project manager and co-ordinator for the entire project. Thus, a co-operation agreement or partnership must be signed with a financier all in good time, the same year as the project will be launched.
Our start-up requires at least 4-6 months of planning, including equipment procurement, personnel, land marketing, tourist information agencies and travel agencies.  Advertising of finished packages should be carried out in late autum, the same year as the project will be launched.

Project Implementation and Finance
A full-scale project implementation requires an investor who, in addition to having financial strength, must also have genuine interest and belief in the project. In turn, both parties should be personally compatible.
The initial capital is roughly estimated at approximately 5-10 million Swedish Kronas and includes the cost that LL-DYK & Konsult AB will charge for the separate Ice Diving Company during the start-up period of 4-6 months. This will also be included in the budget as LL- DYK & Konsult will present to future interested parties and collaborative partners.

Return of Investment and Value
A more accurate budget will be calculated with a return of 10-30% profit margin with an estimated annual turnover of 7-12 million for two months per year.

In addition to joint ownership and profitability, investors will benefit from the promotion of a prestigious investment in a unique ‘Adventure Tourism’ project. All options can be discussed with stakeholders, financiers and sponsors.

Organic Tourism Exposure
This kind of project attracts popular online and offline companies who expose their content to travellers all over the world – including the National Geographic and other popular travel companies.

Local PR
We will also invite prominent influential people including politicians and business people who hopefully will want to try a dive for the best possible PR.

Contact Info
For further information on any aspect of the project, please contact  Anders Lundgren by phone on 0046 (0)70-324 74 30 or e-mail - anders@ll-dyk.se